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Crocodile blood could help combat H1N1 Swine Flu

Scientists in the UK and Thailand have used blood from crocodiles to help develop new antibodies for humans which can combat diseases such as HIV / Aids and H1N1 Swine Flu.
Have you ever wondered how crocodiles live in polluted waters, lose limbs, get nasty injuries and receive deep cuts from territorial fights but never get infections or die from disease?

The reason is that the crocodile’s blood contains extremely powerful antibodies, which basically destroys everything that could be a threat to health.

How it works is by using its very smart mechanism which involves tearing holes in the membranes of the bad bacteria, We took a sample of the Aids / HIV virus and added some crocodile serum and it had a greater effect than human serum.

It shows us it can kill a much greater number of HIV viral organisms, we have done the same tests with H1N1 Virus and it is showing very similar promising results.

Thai freshwater crocodile breeds have been a global phenomenon for many years as consumers demanded crocodile products for there personal body beauty and body maintenance, but now the values of these crocodile breeds have increased significantly.

The research will continue and another very interesting part of crocodile blood is its hemoglobin levels which enable the crocodiles to stay underwater for hours, if this ability could somehow be transferred to humans, we could be on our way to a creation of a new submarine race of humanity.

There have been reports that Chinese running and Olympic coaches gave athletes crocodile blood supplements in hopes of enhancing their performances, Scientists in Cambridge, England have said they are right in doing so.

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