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Travel Advisory Update On The Flu In Mexico

This article is chiefly an update on the uproarious swine flu that was lodged on Mexico including all of its different places. This article shows how now even the “travel advisory” on Mexico has been lifted. So don’t hold back and come visit Puerto Vallarta and Mexico.

After all the massive publicity of the Swine Flu, and the closing of all businesses and schools in Mexico, finally things are looking up. Now that more information is present for analysis, other countries as well as United States are realizing how the cases of “Swine Flu” were not, and I repeat, WERE NOT linked with travel to Mexico.

All businesses are open in Puerto Vallarta and tourists are taking advantage and are enjoying at this beautiful haven in Mexico. The Travel Warning that was launched by Centers For Disease Control (CDC) in opposition to “non-essential travel” into Mexico, which has been in effect since 27th April 2009 has finally been lifted and now only a “Travel Health Precaution” is there for travel to Mexico. Canada had previously launched a Travel Advisory for Mexico which was officially lifted on 18th May. This “non-essential travel” warning was put on Mexico due to the excessive media hype that was created about the Flu.

Press conferences were also held where the Canadian Chief Public Health Officer Dr. David Butler-Jones stressed on the fact that the “outbreak in Mexico” now seems to be settling down. He also explained that it did not seem logical to put a travel warning to a country where the spread of the virus was similar to that of Canada; which is minimal.

Since the lifting of this travel advisory, the PHAC will cease to provide notices of health alert to the air travelers that are leaving for Mexico. Also, quarantine officers which were previously placed on almost every direct flight coming to Canada from Mexico, will be removed. Nonetheless, the “Canadian Border Services Agency” will continue keeping a check on all of the air passengers who show signs of being under the influence of the swine flu.

Majority of the Canadian Air Carriers have not formally broadcasted the outcome of the travel ban which was placed on Mexico. However, WestJet has announced that it will continue its “no flight policy” to Mexico till June 20th. But what is great is that Air Canada will definitely make a few trips to Puerto Vallarta in May. So I don’t think you should be waiting any longer, come on down, because here at Puerto Vallarta everything is safe and healthy.

  © Mirza Rais 2009

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